Campanili White

Campanili White Marble is one of the most prestigious materials extracted from the quarries of the Carrara area that NTE is able to supply. It is a type of natural stone with unique characteristics of strength and hardness, white in color with the typical gray 45 ° streak. The grain of the Bianco Campanili is fine, the appearance is bright and has a strong scenic impact and gives such a distinction to the buildings or structures in which it is used that it has become a must among the various types of marble.

Gray NTE

A particular variation of marble with appreciable technical characteristics, of a fascinating gray color. It is a very performing marble, with a strong ductility that lends itself to the most varied uses, suitable for interior cladding as well as for covering external facades. It is a marble to keep in strong consideration, that only NTE treats exclusively in the area, with a good price compared to the exceptional yield.

Calacatta Marble

The Calacatta Marble is a precious variant of stone material extracted from the renowned Carrara quarries. It is extremely suitable for interiors as well as for the production of precious objects. It is also widely used in architecture. Used since ancient times in many realizations handed down to us, there are many variations besides the classic white one, based on the spots of color present on the bottom that turn from gold to gray to black. Calacatta Marble is a precious natural stone that gives a particular appeal of refined elegance to unparalleled environments.


It is one of the most known, appreciated and exclusive marble variants. Used since ancient times, it is the material of choice for large sculptural works due to its very ductile material that molds itself very well with the sculptor’s tools. It is also perfect for the realization of monumental works and interior design. Just as the White Statuary Marble is extremely pure and brilliant, the Statuary Marble Veined with colored streaks that can vary from blue to gray to other more rare versions is refined and elegant.